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Wonderful pdx LLC 2019

All photos copyright ELisa Lazo de Valdez 

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wonderful pdx is a new gift shop in the south waterfront 

neighborhood showcasing a beautiful collection of 

Sterling silver and fashion jewelry; eclectic art and decor; and fun, unusual gifts. we opened on october 3rd, 2019 at the base of the atwater condominiums.

winter hours:

december through february

Mon & sat/su: 11 AM TO 5 PM

tues to Fri: 11 am to 6 pm

Seek us out and discover somethingWonderful

Find us :

4 blocks south of the Aerial Tram,

1/2 Mile south of the Tilikum crossing,

4 Blocks s.e. of the ohsu Portland Streetcar stop

6 blocks n.e of the willamette shore trolley

Jewelry at Wonderful PDX
South Waterfont Poster by Caleb Morris at Wonderful PDX

 Caleb Morris @ heycaleb.com



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South Watefront neighborhood poster by Caleb Morris at heycaleb.com