Methane Studios

Screenprint studio in atlanta, GA

Ami Creative

Artist Amita Nair in Renton, WA

Hey Caleb

Illustrator Caleb Morris, atlanta, GA

Open Sea Design Co.

Printing studio in Brooklyn, ny

Ethics Supply Co

Coconut wax candles made in Oxnard, CA

Paddywax Candles

Soy Candles Made in NAshville, TN

Social Light

Amazing refillable lighters from Florida

Soap ROcks

by Todd Pink from oneanta, NY

Jess Imports

by Jessica GAston made in San Fransisco, CA

Alumenart Jewelry

by John Newell in Albuquerque, nm

Didi Jewelry Project

Founded by Laurel Gunnarson to help those

in New Dehli affected by HIV/AIDS

A Tea Leaf Jewelry

By Alissa Thiele made in Portland, OR

Blanc de Noir

Silver Jewelry hand made in Laos 

Broke Jewels

VIntage inspired treasures by Dyanna Cooley made in San Diego, CA

Stylish Girl Jewelry

By Laila Korn made in Chicago, IL

Frequency SPray

crystal infused aromatics by heather lovelady made in largo, fl

Cognitive Surplus

Science themed goods from Portland, OR

33 Books

Tasting Journals by dave Seldon in Portland, OR

Monahan PApers

By Stephanie Monahan made in Troy, MO


Art journals made in Utah to help build schools worldwide

Madame Scodioli/Rouge & Rye

Amazing scents by Riley Fouts in Smolan, KS

With Kisses From

Natural lip balm from Seattle, WA

Malia Designs

Wallets and bags by lucian Ruth made in cambodia to help combat human trafficking

Polanshek of the Hills

Artist Jess Polanshek in Vermont

Square Trade

Incense cones made in Richmond, VA