What is the state of Oregon requiring you to do?

  • the governor is changing the requirements for public venues on a regular basis and currently has no clear instructions for retail stores since the cdc released it's latest recommendations on May 13, 2021. 

  • wonderful pdx will continue to require masks be worn in the shop for the safety of our staff and customers. being located in a retirement community and a hospital complex dictates our approach to the current confusing situation.

What other steps are you taking to make the store safe for shopping?

  • We have usa made hand sanitizer at the entrance and ask all customers to clean their hands before entering the store.

  • We are also installing a clear plexiglass barrier at the register and a no contact payment system. cash is still accepted. 

  • The counter and other commonly touched surfaces will be wiped down regularly and we will regularly clean our hands with alcohol based disinfectant. 

Can I try on the jewelry? 
Yes! All the jewelry will be wiped down with alcohol before being returned to the sales floor. 

Can I bring my own bag? 
Certainly, but if you do bring your own bag we ask that you load the bag yourself when the transaction is complete. Otherwise we are happy to provide you with one of our paper bags.

Can I still bring my dog into the store?
Yes, but if you are able to hold them in your arms that would be best. If you have a large dog please keep them close to you so other customers can maintain a 6 foot distance.